Oshonic Health Development

Bio Disc 2

We are a credible Importer and Supplier of Bio Disc 2 based in Punjab. It is a natural energy generating device that produces Scalar energy frequencies. The energy created by Bio Disc 2 is said to rejuvenate molecular structures in all liquids. Our Bio Disc 2 is packed in optimum grade packaging material and can be obtained in the bulk quantities at highly competitive prices.


Benefits :

  • Improves tastes of all liquids
  • Increases drinking water energy level
  • Increases body energy level
  • Maximizes nutritional benefits
  • Improve taste
  • Extend shelf life of all vegetables, fruits and meats
  • Improve wellness
  • Enhances immune system
  • Rejuvenates cells,
  • Increases blood oxygen levels
  • Calms and balances
  • Assists in pain relief